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april on Lonely
don't be ... bye?

mimicy on Dew
Magnifique photo ... toute en douceur .... bravo pour cette présentation

Soheil on Sailing Away
nice photo well done

Olivier on Sailing Away
An touch of colors in this fog...

Garfield on Flip a Chicken
Whoowhee, never seen these before :)

Curly on Bushel of Monkeys
Cool and colourful shot.

Orely on Bushel of Monkeys
cute and colorful, well done !! have anice day ^_^

Orely on Gargoyle
love it !!! have a nice day ^_^

Soheil on Top Side
nice photo well done

Shahryar on Kicking it
beautiful capture :)

april on Penguin Arcade
adorable :)

Garfield on Cactus
wow, the colors and thorns - phew

Wolfen on Fighter
Waaaoooh Génial !!! Probablement un Hornet, j'aimerais faire des clichés de ces avions !! Bon week ...

Garfield on Medallion
... and with the fingers holding the medallion .. crown on his head?

bruno on Leaf
Simple composition , but works perfectly.

Joanne on My Lily

Anca on Cactus Flower
Beautiful color!

Anca on Shadow Dancing
Nice play of shadows! Bravo!

Su on Cactus Flower
beautiful ... love the color tone

Magda on Grapes
very nice

MARIANA on Grapes
Love this frame and pretty tones .

Ryan on Fence
Great shot. Old wood is an awesome subject for photos. I can only imagine the things that fence has been through.

Garfield on Point Reyes Lighthouse
Dazzling perspective

DowsherVision on My Car
Looks cool from this angle ;) Nice shot !!!

Cosmin on My Car
powerful car

Garfield on Shadow Dancing
I simply love what you captured here ... the awesomeness of photography yet again demonstrated here!

larry on Walk among Heroes
Thanks for sharing this meaning photo. Well taken too.

marci on Walk among Heroes
wow. well done. this shot surely causes one to pause and think - and to give honor.

Garfield on Walk among Heroes
Your composition complements and expresses the purpose of this memorial perfectly. Congrats.

wolfen on Walk among Heroes
Une très belle composition graphique au service de la mémoire !! J'adore !!!

missparis on Walk among Heroes
Très belle photo pleine d'émotion

Garfield on One is not like the others
Great title ... well seen

Robbie on Sailboat
would love to be on that. My favorite bridge in the world!

Ioanaz on Peppercorn
great shot !

Vert Pomme on Powder Blue
Un bien joli plumbago en fleur. Magnifique.

Ana Lúcia on Powder Blue
Fine and delicate.

kitty on Fly
pretty plant and nice composition ^^

Christine on Threesome
Excellent composition, I like the way they are sitting on the submerged lily pad

kitty on Threesome
what a great threesome ^^ They posed so nicely for you

Michael on Menacing
Very odd find here. That elongated head with the red lips.

Joanne on Hanging on
Such vibrant color provides great contrast.

Joanne on Sunset
Gorgeous sunset over that mountain horizon.

Olivier on Dry land
great this composition!

april on Find the frog
is he finding his way home?

Catherine Moore on Starlight
nice movement ^^

Larry Elkins on Find the frog
Found. But it wasn't easy.

Faëlle on Respite
Joli cliché!

Becky on Respite
this is wonderful!!!

Olivier on Respite
it's an very good capture !

Larry Elkins on Respite
Superb macro

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